Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MP: Two villages hit as people slept

LOCAL MP Francis Potape told Radio Australia’s Tok Pisin service, the massive landslide completely covered two villages as people slept, The National reports.
“The landslide is about a kilometre long and about 300 metres wide.
“There are people buried underneath and a number of them are, from what I have heard, children,” he said.
Tari resident Joseph Warai told Radio Australia about 40 people were missing.
“About five big trucks have also been covered and gardens and houses all destroyed,” Warai said.
Officials from the National Disaster Centre in Port Moresby were expected to travel to the area today to assess the damage.
The Australian High Commission told Radio Australia that all Australians reported to be in the area had been accounted for.
A project spokeswoman said the main road in the area had been cut, and work at the site and a nearby airfield had stopped

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