Friday, January 20, 2012

Sir Michael: All deals by O’Neill-Namah invalid

GRAND Chief Sir Michael Somare says all dealings, including appointments by the O’Neill-Namah regime since Aug 2 last year, are invalid and not binding on the people of Papua New Guinea, The National reports.
“All agreements, treaties, memoranda of understanding, contracts, appointments and undertakings given by the O’Neill-Namah regime since last Aug 2 are dealings by an illegitimate government and, therefore, invalid and not binding on the people of PNG,” he said.
“At the appropriate time in the near future, my government will review each of these agreements and dealings and ratify or strike out where necessary.
“It is important, however, that my government remains calm and does not act hastily and prejudice ongoing court proceedings.
“How can any investor, international or national, feel investments are safe if parliament and departmental heads intentionally ignore court orders?
“How can investors feel safe when knowing they can be thrown out of the country on the whim of politicians unable even to return and defend their assets before the courts? 
“We cannot deport people without due process of the law.”
Sir Michael said ministers of the illegal regime flew the Falcon jet to Asia on “personal business” carrying an international fugitive on board and attracted serious concerns about laundering hundreds of millions in cash without explaining the truth to the people.
“In fact, US$250 million could indeed be carried on the Falcon jet if needed,” he said.
“These illegal ministers threatened to expel diplomats to deflect attention from their own misdeeds. They expend K500 million from the state coffers to buy influence without proper legal approvals.
“All expenditure and procurements done by the O’Neill regime have not been made by a legitimate government. All appointments and sackings are invalid and, therefore, cannot be implemented.”
He said the state would not be bound by any deals done by an illegal regime.
“Companies and countries who seek to deal with this illegal regime must do so at their own risk.
“The Supreme Court decision of Dec 12 is available on the internet to everyone wishing to read the orders of the court.
“The courts have clearly ruled that the O’Neill-Namah regime is an illegal government.
“This is a challenging time for PNG.
“Over the years, I have known and seen the aspirations of many of the leaders and have tried to accommodate them and balance them against the interests of the nation.
“Today, it seems, the nation’s interest has been trampled by greed and self-interest.
 “This regime has broken down almost every government institution, including the judiciary, and is still adamantly continuing its reign of devastation.
“However, none of us should sit idly by and watch a rogue government destroy our proud nation in a matter of months.
“I call on the people of Papua New Guinea to join with me in being patient and calm and wait for the courts.

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  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Mataio Rabura, theres a perfect example of an invalid appointment, the man is deeply corrupt and has been illegally confirmed in his acting role of chief migration officer by O'Neill. Watch as the money disappears from Immigration coffers and Chinese in-particular purchase any visa they want.

    Roll on the elections.