Monday, January 23, 2012

Polye to launch political party


MINISTER for Finance and Treasury Don Polye will launch a new political party today - after de-registering the National Alliance party, The National reports.
He and the 22 members of his faction would launch the Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party at the Granville Motel in Port Moresby today.
Polye said “triumph” meant that as humans, “everyone shall use their intelligence given by God to creatively triumph over all shortcomings, problems and obstacles”.
He said “heritage” meant that every person recognised their heritage which emphasised family values, the main source of strength and character in a multi-cultural Papua New Guinea.
Polye said “empowerment” meant that as a party, “everyone shall pursue people empowerment policies and programmes that enable our people by giving them the mental as well as the physical capacity and strengths to make independent personal choices and decision for themselves and their families”.
He said the launching of the new party was the result of the resolutions passed to de-register the National Alliance in Mt Hagen early this month.
The parliamentary members of his faction are Jeffery Nape, Lukas Dekena, Sailon Beseo, Benjamin Poponawa, Yawa Silupa, Benjamin Mul, Miki Kaeok and Tom Olga from the highlands region.
Ano Pala, Mathew Poia, David Arore, Sali Subam, Mark Maipakai, Pitom Bombom, Alphonse Moroi and Andrew Mald are from the Papuan region; Peter Humpreys, Michael Sapau and Leo Dion from the New Guinea Islands.
Members James Gau and Buka Malai are from the Momase region.
The party has nine ministers in the O’Neill Namah government, five from the Papuan region and four ministers and the speaker from the highlands

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