Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Somare is evil, says Polye

FINANCE Minister Don Polye has described Sir Michael Somare as an “evil” man, The National reports.
Polye, the Kandep MP, told reporters in Mt Hagen that Somare was good in destroying young vibrant leaders and suppressing them.
He claimed that Sir Michael used highlands leaders as the “perfect football to play around with” without the leaders themselves knowing.
He gave as an example of Wabag MP Sam Abal who Sir Michael had appointed as deputy prime minister. Likewise, he used Governor Anderson Agiru to try to destroy Peter O’Neill, Polye said.
Polye accused Sir Michael of blocking the late Sir Tei Abal, father of Sam Abal, from becoming prime minister even though he had the numbers.
He did the same thing to Sir Imbakey Okuk and other leaders from the highlands, Polye said.
“Cutting and chopping young leaders for hidden motives is undemocratic and evil.”
Polye warned those in the Somare camp that Sir Michael would not groom or mould a young vibrant leader to lead the country.
Polye wanted to destroy the evil in the National Alliance by de-registering the party and forming a new one

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  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    It took Polye 10 years to learn that? Who fool will swallow this bull shit. You have been carrying Somare's briefcase just like the other twos you named.