Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NGOs demand K430 million compensation from Indonesia


A GROUP of people led by non-governmental organisations yesterday staged a peaceful protest at the Indonesian embassy in Port Moresby – and demanded K430 million compensation from Jakarta, The National reports.
The group demanded an apology from the Indonesian government over its handling of the “airspace” drama last November in which it scrambled two fighter jets to track the private Falcon jet carrying three PNG government ministers and others from Malaysia to Port Moresby.
The incident is currently the subject of a diplomatic row between the two neighbouring nations.
From 7am yesterday, the group of people led by the Morobe Coalition for Justice and Peace and other NGOs arrived at the gates of the Indonesian embassy to present a petition to the ambassador.
It demanded an apology and compensation of US$250 million (K435.55m) for the Indonesian military’s treatment of the PNG leaders travelling in a civilian jet.
The banners put up around the embassy and the gate leading to the embassy described Indonesia as a “Terrorist in the Pacific”. It is accused of continuously intimidating and harassing innocent citizens and leaders of PNG – like what the world’s largest Muslim nation is accused of doing to West Papua.
Other placards read ‘Indonesian bullying act of terror”, “respect our sovereignty”, “We are a democratic society free from intimidation”. Others read “Indonesia must apologise and pay US$250 million” – the amount they said Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah was carrying.
The protestors were advised by the office of the prime minister that officers from the Department of Foreign Affairs would receive the petition on behalf of the Indonesian embassy.
Police mobile squad units from Mt Hagen and McGregor, in Port Moresby, negotiated with
the protesters to remove the banners and free the embassy area so that their petition could be presented at the National Archive forum oval.
Acting secretary for Foreign Affairs and Immigrations Alexis Maino said he had not received any petition

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