Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jails Minister mourns passing of Sinake Giregire

 Sai Sailon Beseo, Minister for Correctional Services and Kainantu  MP expressed sorrow and condolences to the people of Goroka and Daulo and the families and relative of the late Sinake Giregire, president of Country Party and the Highlands Farmers & Settlers Association,  on behalf of the Mmnistry and the people of Kainantu on the passing of a great leader.
Sir Sinake Giregire at his coffee garden at Asaroka, Eastern Highlands, in July 2000.-Picture by MALUM NALU

 Beseo said that immediately after Giregire left school in Finschhafen, he commenced his lifelong interest and work on the land by engaging in work as agriculture assistant at Aiyura agriculture research station and in saw milling and gold panning operations at Kainantu. 
Giregire also planted his first coffee at Avinakeno and with the wealth and knowledge he accumulated, he went back to Goroka in 1953 where he pioneered in coffee, vegetable farming and general trading business and in politics. 
Later,  he expanded his planting of coffee at Asaro and Banz and in introducing forestry-approved trees around Goroka, Daulo and Yonki, Eastern Highlands;  and Minj and Banz, Western Highlands.
 "Sir Sinake had a long association with Kainantu where he started his career that propelled him to be successful in his life and become a role model and encouraged and motivated many to work and live on and from the land," Beseo said.
"The people of Kainantu are proud that in his political ambitions he had continued to promote agriculture and utilisation of land since entering the political arena in 1957 as president of Asaro Watabung local government council.
"Kainantu district is proud to have provided the opportunity in knowledge, business and income for Sir Sinake to contribute to business, economics, agricultural and political development of this country.
 "Sir Sinake is synonymous with promotion of rural development and agriculture as the key for the prosperity for the country. 
"The people of Eastern Highlands will lose a mentor and a role model however, we are proud that Giregire made important contributions in business, politics and growth of this country and will remain the true father of the Constitution as being the only member of House of Assembly who served on all three comittees (Constitutional Development Committee, 1964-1968; 1968-1972; and Constitutional Planning Committee (1972-1975);  and one of the four nationals when he was appointed Undersecretary to Administrator (Public Utilities & Services) from 1964-1968; Ministerial Member for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries and Post & Telegraphs from 1968 to 1972."
 Beseo said that Giregire was architect of Eastern Highlands as one of first council pesident, member of the Eastern Highlands Advisory Council and the Eastern Highlands Area Authority, first coffee plantation and factory owner and  involvement with various business enterprise such as Highlands Commodity Exchange, Collins & Leahy Ltd and  Farmset Ltd, among others.
  Beseo said that Correctional Services valued his contribution to this country and would provide pall bearers and necessary honors at his funeral in Goroka or as required by protocol.

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