Monday, January 16, 2012

Dame Carol Kidu calls it a day


THE only woman parliamentarian and the sponsor of the 22 women’s reserved seats, Dame Carol Kidu announced her retirement from active politics during the Melanesian Alliance Party fundraising dinner last Friday evening, The National reports.
Dame Carol has served in parliament for the past 14 years and has been the minister for community development for the past nine years, making significant contributions to the department by turning it from small ministry into a major one.
She said she was leaving politics satisfied she had made significant contributions to the nation, “something women and children, the disabled and youths can be proud of”.
Dame Carol commended her party executives for continuing to keep one of the oldest parties alive.
Staunch members of the party were the Somare family and founding father John Momis, while Dame Carol was the only woman member of parliament to survive the past three terms.
She said she had a good time working with the National Alliance party which had the same vision for PNG, led by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare who trusted and allowed her to continue to be a minister in his coalition government.
She said the future alliance of the party laid in the hands of the young generation and she urged her party executives to rope in young people to bring back a vision for the future.
Dame Carol is the second person after Madang businessman Sir Peter Barter to retire after holding several key and senior ministries for the past three terms.
Sir Peter did not seek re-election in the 2007 general election.
A senior citizens among the group that attended the dinner said Dame Carol’s action set an example for many PNG indigenous politicians to do the same rather than continuing to hold on to power.
Those who attended the fundraising dinner were Mul-Baiyer MP Sani Rambi, non-parliamentarian Wari Vele and Sir Michael’s daughter Betha Somare, who pledged support to the party and made contributions.
The Narokobi family pledged their support and donated K10,000 to the party.
Many other party supporters and sponsors attended the functions, which raised more than K89,000

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