Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Somare accused of recklessly spending K76.6 billion

SIR Michael Somare’s regime has been accused of spending K76.6 billion in the past six years without the country seeing any tangible changes, The National reports.
Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah, while launching his PNG Party’s first provincial electoral office at 14-Mile outside Lae last Saturday, said a few “selfish and corrupt ministers” in the Somare regime had benefited from the money.
He claimed they were the same people fighting to have Sir Michael back as prime minister so they could have access to state funds to benefit themselves and their families.
He called on voters to be careful who they gave their ticks to in the general election.
The Vanimo-Green MP said the government wanted to make sure that the people got what was owed to them.
He mentioned the free education policy and free medical services for the people.
He revealed initiatives by the government to push for 100% ownership of resources by landowners with the government receiving taxes and fees benefits.
A new ministry - ministry of religious affairs - would be created by the government with one tenth of the country’s budget to be used to further the work of recognised Christian churches in the country.
“The prime minister and I have a good working relationship and believe in the cause to change the nation,” Namah said.
The government was also committed to making sure work on the Lae port begins next week, he said

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  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Is is a very far statement by DPM Nemah. Unfortunately the Somare name is immune to the any forms of Audit.

    Long live the Grand Grand Grand Chief of PNG.