Monday, September 22, 2008

Investment Promotion Authority filing goes electronic

Investment Promotion Authority managing director Ivan Pomaleu

Clients who wish to lodge various statutory documents as required by respective legislations administered by the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) can now do that in the comfort of their office.

This was made possible after an Electronic Filing Facility (EFF) was established by the Authority.

The EFF refers to the online setup that enables the lodgment of statutory documents through electronic mail (e-mail).

The aim of the facility is to facilitate business clients of IPA to lodge their documents through e-mail.

It is available to the business clients of the Authority who have a pre-registered active EFF account with IPA.

Other services under the facility include the email request for name searches, company extracts, organisation name searches and receipts of monthly statements of the EFF account.

The service will enable EFF registered clients to email their requests to the IPA where the emails would be printed by the officers.

Officers will then confirm payments for the lodgments before they forward a receipt to the clients.

The lodged documents will then follow normal procedures of processing. All other responses from the IPA such as rejection or acceptance letters, receipts, extracts and certificates to name a few will be sent to all active account holders by surface mail.

While the facility is at its infant stage, the Authority has cautioned clients that they may experience difficulties in the first few weeks in which it is advisable to inform the Office.

Mr Ivan Pomaleu

Managing Director

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