Monday, September 08, 2008

New Erima school launches fundraising drive

Pacific Corporate Security Services director Jacob Kaupa (left) hands over K2,000 to fundraising committee chairman Jeff Kelage.

New Erima Primary School in the National Capital District has taken it upon itself to raise funds to rebuild classrooms destroyed by fire in April last year.

A fundraising committee, led by deputy chairman of the school Jeff Kelage, has been set up to raise the estimated K2 million necessary to rebuild the classrooms.

Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane has been invited to launch the fundraising drive at the school on Friday (September 12).

Pacific Corporate Security Services, through its director Jacob Kaupa, has got the ball rolling by donating K2, 000.

“The school was established in 1990,” Mr Kelage said,

“It has an intake of 1600 students annually.

“In April last year, two two-storey buildings housing eight classrooms and four office blocks, including the head teacher’s house, were destroyed b y fire.

“Another two-storey building next to it, housing four classrooms, has been condemned by the Building Board as unsafe.

“So all in all, the school now is without 12 classrooms.

“Nearly 600 students are affected: four Grade 4’s, for Grade 5’s and four Grade 6’s.

“They are now using makeshift classrooms under rain trees.

“Some of them are attending classes under rain trees.

“The National Department of Education assured us that these buildings would be replaced within three months.

“They told us that in April last year.

“Three months passed, and now it’s over a year, but nothing has been done.

“We are right next to the Department of Education but nothing has been done.

“What we’re doing now is that the board has decided to go on a major fundraising campaign.

“We will officially launch the fundraising campaign on the 12th of September.

“The launching will be officiated by the Governor-General.

“We have started sending out letters of appeal.

“This is where Pacific Corporate Security Services has come in.

“They are the very first to come in.”

Mr Kaupa said his company had decided to assist the school after being informed of its plight by Mr Kelage.

“I totally condemn the actions of a few individuals who want to serve their own interests by burning down classrooms that serve the Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine-Mile communities, Moitaka Wildlife and ATS,” he said,

“As a community leader, I request that those responsible be brought to justice.

“We, as parents and concerned citizens, should not only rely on government to rebuild the school.

“I appeal to parents, communities, business houses and any person out there who wants to assist in one way or another, to help put these classrooms back.

“Having said that, Pacific Corporate Security has donated K2, 000 to assist the fundraising committee.

“Like any other school in NCD, that school has been looked down upon since last year, when they lost two of two of their double classrooms and the third one has been condemned by the Building Board.

“With that, I’d like to thank the school board, the principal and the management for taking up the initiative to do the fundraising to do the building themselves, rather than waiting for the government to do that."

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