Monday, September 08, 2008

Science and technology


Good Morning!

I've read some of your articles on some of the recent developments in science and technology (most of which involve electronic communication)

I wanted to commend you on your effort to educate your readers on recent advancements.

Recently, the physics students at the University of PNG staged its Open Day on the 29th of August to coincide with OHE's 25th Anniversary.

Among our displays where two projects by the Incubator (a newly formed physics students group).

The first was a demonstration on digital television transmission, using a simple setup, and the second was a presentation on the use of a sensing device in phototherapy.

The latter was one that interested me.

The presentation was delivered by two of our final year Biomedical Physics students.

The presentation showed how a photo-transducer could be used in place of a radio-meter to measure the light intensity of the lights used in the phototherapy of premature babies born with jaundice (excuse my spelling).

When interfaced with a computer, monitoring is simplified.

The digital TV transmission demonstrated the transfer of intelligence (video and sound) from a digital device, e.g. MP3 player, to a television set, an anologue device.

Another presentation by students taking Electronics and Computing showed a database project which they undertook.

The database was designed around the program specifications of the Integrated Finance Management System which the students read about in the 2005 PNG Year Book.

I have tried in vain to get the media interested in the above.

So, I've decided to email you and ask if you'd be interested to write about any of the above projects.

No pressure! If you're not interested then that's okay.

Otherwise, reply back and specify which projects you are interested in and I will forward your email to the appropriate individuals.

Thank you for your time.

Daniel Sakumai

(Organiser of the Physics Students Open Day)

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