Monday, September 08, 2008

Thoughts on 33 years of independence



There are times to say ‘thank you’ and today is the time.

When people go through life, one day they always sit back to think and appreciate what happened yesterday.

 For me, September 16th will be the special day for PNG and my life because I have the greatest opportunity to say thank you to a man I owe a lot.

He is none other then the Grand Chief and Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.

 The incumbent was the founder of my beautiful country.

Despite the economic and social turmoil we as a country went through because great man like Chief Somare and others always had confidence in this country of ours.

The aliens said we will fail.

But we said no, we will go ahead.

PNG is an example of a black nation that can stand for 33 years.

And now is the day, after 33 years and we are still going.

When loved one dies, we spell out condolences and speak high of his achievements and what he does for others.

When Chief Somare dies one day, the nation will moan, the region will be shocked and the world will convey their condolences.

That is the Somare, 33 years ago found this nation, today is our Chief, amongst all the chiefs from the highlands down to the coasts and across the oceans.

It’s no use conveying my appreciation of what Chief Somare has done for us as a country when he dies tomorrow.

Today is the time to say ‘thank you’.

While Chief is able to read this appreciation, I would like to salute my Chief, my Prime Minister and my mentor.

PNG will remember you, and I will treasure you.

Thank you for taking PNG from independence to today.

Histories are not made by nations but made by great thinkers with wisdoms and leaderships.

Chief Somare, you have just done that.

PNG celebrates its 33 years of Independence and I am so proud to join the nation you had in your heart.

PNG will remember you in the thousand years to come.

You gave me the blood, the heart and the soul to be a proud Papua New Guinean.

I love my country and the people of PNG.

 Let’s join our hands and work together as brothers and sisters for the betterment of our great nations.


God bless PNG.


Mathew Yakai

Changchun, China


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