Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feedback to the Errol Flynn story

I received this comment from one Dianne Gibson in regards to the Errol story below (which has been used previously in this Blog): "I was fascinated to read the article you posted on Errol Flynn. So much of what you write is known to me as my father owned a copra plantation on the Edie Creek during the time Errol Flynn was in PNG. In fact he "borrowed" 5 pounds from dad and (as you say in the article) when dad wrote to him in Hollywood asking for the money, he was sent an autographed photo. Dad also told me the story about the dentist. However, my father didn't like Flynn at all, mainly because of his womanising and brawling. He later refused to watch any film that featured Flynn due to his intense dislike of the man.

"Dad spent 17 years in PNG and then came to Sydney. Prior to that he served with the 8th Light Horse in Egypt during WWI and after his stint in PNG came to Sydney. Like Flynn, my father also wrote for "The Bulletin". His pen name was "Maliesh" but his name was Leonard Wignall. Unfortunately he died in 1961 when I was only 16 and I'm sure he had many untold stories.

"Thank you for your article, it brought back memories of my father.

"With kind regards
Dianne Gibson"

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