Monday, January 09, 2012

Peter O'Neill: I will not resign

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has rejected calls by his deputy Belden Namah to resign.

Namah today called on Prime Minister Peter O'Neill to resign.
He says his fate will be decided in parliament Tuesday week, January 17, 2012.
Namah attacked O'Neill in today's FM100 radio talkback show with Roger Hauofa. 
However, O'Neill told a press conference today that he would not resign, and stressed the need for "mature" leaders.
Namah, meantime, did not attend a press conference this afternoon after he surprised many people with his call for O'Neill to resign. 


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    PNG need mature and honest leaders not a chidlish kind of leadership to lead these 7+ million people !!!

  2. Anonymous9:59 PM

    The political marriage between PNC & PNGFP and remense of NA under Don Polye was only for convenience to remove GC Somare and we have seen since August 2011, how decisions are made by Namah and revoked by O'Neil and how things are now unfolding in 2012.
    Political maturity and making decisions for the well being of the 7 million+ people of PNG is of paramount importance, not a one-man decision against the largest Muslim nation in the world with a military strength of 120 million.
    Namah is politically immature and his military knowledge is a waste, in politics you cannot use emotions in decision making, and very clearly shows his leadership quality and style if he ever becomes the PM that he is dreaming to be.
    Iam fearfull that he will only invite the Indonesian Army to march across the border at Bewani crush all on between to takeover PNG.
    Use your bloody God given brain and be mature and stop using your emotions when making decisions.

  3. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Nama has pea brain..

  4. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Namah; grow up!! how dare you see fit to change every chief executive of a government when there is an allegation or disagreement against one? This is not your village council kiaps representatives, you are dealing with the seven million plus people of PNG. You should apologies for your childish uproar.

    Wilson, USA

  5. Anonymous4:46 AM

    The fact of the matter is that Belden Namah is semi - educated and not properly trained and qualified as a University Graduate which is a prerequisite for anyone intending to be politician. He misses that criteria and lacks depth of critical thinking and maturity in politics. I have always maintained that he is incompetent as a politician!!!!

  6. Anonymous6:24 AM

    I watched his Belden Namah's EMTV interview and thought his language was un professional and lacked diplomatic language skills. He was steaming with anger!

  7. Anonymous1:14 AM

    i agree that thye should pass a law that if members minimum educaton at a degree....