Monday, January 09, 2012

Belden Namah on the Indonesia incident

Deputy Prime Minister
Firstly, it must be noted that all necessary procedures were followed in sorting the International Airspace clearance by our pilots prior to the flight. 
All approvals were given to fly over Indonesian Airspace. Indonesian Authorities through that clearance knew very well who was on board the PNG VIP Falcon Jet.
On board the Falcon Jet were the Deputy Prime Minister, Honourable Belden Norman Namah, Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Honourable Sam Basil, Minister for Police, Honourable John Boito and Oil Palm investors from Malaysia and the air crew.

The incident happened on the 29th of November 2011. 
On that morning we had just departed Subang Airport in Malaysia destined for Port Moresby enroute Singapore and Indonesian airspace after getting all the necessary clearance by Malaysian Customs. 
As we were flying over Makassar in Indonesia we were intercepted by two Indonesian fighter jets. 
When our pilots enquired with the Indonesian Authorities of the incident they could not give any specific reasons for the intercept.

This to me as a former military officer with Papua New Guinea Defence Force is an act of intimidation and aggression by Indonesian military. 
Especially, on a civillian VIP aircraft of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. 
We are a helpless country. 
We do not have the military might that Indonesia has and we also do not posses the miltary hardware or ammourments that they have. 
The Question Remains; WHAT WAS THE REASON FOR SUCH AN ACT????????????????

From what I read from the daily newspapers; they (Indonesian Authorities) acted on a tip off saying that the VIP Falcon Jet was carrying US$250million. 
This was allegedly revealed by Indonesian Intelligence Organisation.

1. The actions by Indonesian military MUST BE CONDEMNED IN THE STRONGEST POSSIBLE TERMS. Imagine if the Falcon Jet belonged to Australia, New Zealand, America or China for that matter and it was carrying their Deputy Prime Ministers or the Vice Presidents. What would be their reaction? I leave that for you to conclude.

2. The allegation of the US$250million is DENIED CATAGORICALLY. Imagine carrying such a large amount of money on the small Falcon Jet. You would probably need 20 Falcon Jets to transport that kind of cash. The realty is; You would need 2x40 foot containers to pack the money. ' IT IS A TOTAL JOKE.'

Finally, it is in this kind of test that the nations must stand united forgetting their differences and upholding their pledge to their motherland. Papua New Guineans MUST now learn to be NATIONALISTIC AND PATRIOTIC. WE MUST PROTECT OUR SOVEREINGNITY.



  1. I hope PNG people realize ulterior motives of this kind of "explanation" "indonesian evil" etc etc...

    warm greeting from indonesia :D

  2. Anonymous7:00 PM

    PNG should realize that Indonesia air force just conduct proper procedures to intercept any intruders that might be harmful for Indonesian security that it may too late to prevent...dont emotional friend.

  3. Thanks my friend :D
    I also have no respect for politician like him, who blaming someone/something to gain popularity

    i have a question, does the majority of PNG people really believe this story?

    *btw it seems that he "exactly" knows the size of 250$ million dollars In cash

  4. Patriot7:43 PM

    The flight clearance is clear for 13-17 Dec 2011 not the accident day 29 Nov 2011, You Belden is too hurry to make a statement..your quality and intelectual capacity as a deputy prime minister will be questioned (i am also sorry to say that) and next please be carefull cause you are watching by world people.

  5. Anonymous9:40 PM

    this statement coming from people who try sack chief justice without proper procedure

  6. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Obviously certain comments (above) were made by Indonesian nationals. Ma-af Indonesia. Sorry Indonesia. Belden Namah bodoh sekali. Banyak orang PNG marah sekali dengan dia. Dia berkata/kasih tahu ke orang PNG USD250 juta bisa cocok didalam dua 2x40 foot containers dan tidak bisa cocok didalam Falcom pesawat.Bodoh sekali!

  7. Its alright :D
    many of our people didnt really care about that "incident" :D
    some of them, already know about political situation in PNG

    i hope your country can leaded by competent leader and goverment and bring prosperity to your people

    *really its hard to understand a nation with only 7 million people and abudant natural resources to be one of the most poorest nation in asia #sorry on offense :D

    kamu bisa bahasa? wow ?

  8. Anonymous9:38 AM

    You're correct Angga. 7 million people with abundant natural resources yet so poor. You cannot work out the logic.

    Why look for money when you have it all at your finertips?


  9. Anonymous1:24 AM

    because most people has no brain>>>>