Monday, January 09, 2012

Somare: Probe politicians laundering money

GRAND Chief Sir Michael Somare said allegations that some members of parliament were involved in money-laundering was serious and should be investigated, The National reports.
Sir Michael called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to come clean about the activities of his deputy and members of parliament in his camp.
“Papua New Guinea has signed many international conventions to condemn transnational crimes such as money-laundering, human trafficking and terrorism,” Sir Michael said.
“The allegations of money-laundering cannot be taken lightly and, if government resources are used such as the Falcon jet, then, a full investigation must be undertaken.
“Equally, it is disgraceful that members of parliament should be implicated in a money-laundering scandal.
“That aside, all past PNG governments have respected the sovereignty of other countries that have diplomatic missions in our country.
“We are not unique in the world in having border issues and our friendly relations has helped both countries deal with matters in a mature manner over the years.
“Therefore, as deputy leader of the O’Neill regime, Namah should not be making such outbursts until a complete report of the incident is available and, if need be, proper investigations are carried out.
“As it is, Namah reacted badly after the newspaper report last week.
“This is disgraceful behaviour as he had more than a month to lodge his complaint through the normal diplomatic means available to him.”

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  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Hooooo there is an indication of money laundering involving Govt Falcon Jet dump...if this true was not only intercepted by ina fighters but it also must shoot down..i agree with that..