Monday, July 06, 2009

How you can help commemorate the Montevideo Maru

From Keith Jackson

Dear Friend of Montevideo Maru,
Later this year (we hope in November), the Montevideo Maru Memorial Committee will make a submission to the Commonwealth Government in which we shall recommend ways in which the Australian nation can permanently remember and honour the tragedy of the men who died as a result of the fall of Rabaul in 1942 and the subsequent sinking of the Montevideo Maru.
We would like this submission to come from all of us and, at an appropriate time, we will seek your approval to add your name to it.
For now, though, there is something you can do - and I thought I might add a bit of interest by framing it as a contest.
Topic: What is the most important initiative you think the Federal Government could take to honour the men of Rabaul and the sinking of the Montevideo Maru?
Limit your response to one (maybe two) suggestions. Keep them fairly brief but give some reasons why you think your ideas should be adopted.
There are prizes for the three best entries (as adjudicated here in the secrecy of my home office): two copies of a CD The Music of W Arthur Gullidge played by the Melbourne Staff Band of the Salvation Army (with thanks to John Cleary) and a DVD of John Schindler's award winning documentary The Story of the Krait (with thanks to John Schindler).
When you submit your entry (by email to, let me know which prize you'd like.
We'll publish all entries in the MvM Newsletter and close the competition in a month or so (or whenever your inspiration seems to have dried up).
Better still, the Committee will consider entries of merit for inclusion in our submission to the Commonwealth.

Best wishes.



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