Friday, July 10, 2009

Pacific Adventist University goes more hi-tech with new computers

Jackson Kumye and Donalyne Kuamin, both third-year education students at PAU, working on two of the new computers installed this week
Pacific Adventist University has maintained its status as one of the most hi-tech institutions in Papua New Guinea with a significant upgrade to its computer laboratories this week.
While students at the long-established University of PNG and University of Technology are struggling for computers, their counterparts at PAU and Divine Word University in Madang are miles ahead.
PAU currently provides some of the best computer and technology facilities in PNG and these facilities are available to all students studying at PAU.
While studying at PAU, students as part of their fees are all provided access to computer labs (ratio of 4:1 students per computer, one of the best for any university in PNG), a school email address, wireless internet, ladies dorm computer and wireless access and access to the latest teaching and learning software and equipment.
The PAU this week installed 24 brand-new computers in the schools of business and science and technology.
The classroom computer upgrade program, costing approximately K70, 000, is running all of the most-current teaching and learning software including Windows Vista SP2 and Office 2007.
Additionally, because PAU is a member of the Microsoft IT Academy programme,
students there will also have access to and be taught in the use of Microsoft’s latest development software such as Visual Studio 2008, Expression 2, Visio 2007 and Project 2007.
The installation of 22-inch LCD screens will facilitate the teaching and learning of many of these programmes.
Ben Thomas, dean of the school of business, is excited about the installation of the new
“Computers play a critical role in all aspects of business,” he says.
“It is imperative that students learn to use the latest computer technology, as this will enable them to be successful in their future employment.
“I believe that PAU produces the best graduates because of our holistic emphasis on education.
“Good infrastructure and facilities, such as computers and the internet, as well as our focus on quality lectures, student work ethic, church participation and sports allow PAU to produce graduates who can be successful in any organisation.”
While installing the new computers, IT staff could overhear comments from students who are excited about the new facilities and equipment.
“These computer upgrades are part of our ongoing commitment to live up to our vision
statement to be the BEST (Biblically Sound, Educationally Valid, Spiritually Challenging, Technologically Relevant) provider of quality tertiary Christian
education in the Pacific islands,” says Wayne Hawken, communications director at PAU.
“These upgrades continue to ensure that PAU students have leading access to technology
while studying at PAU.”
PAU will continue to significantly upgrade its technology and computing facilities throughout the remainder of this year.
PAU is a tertiary institution owned and operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, offering diploma, bachelor and post-graduate awards in a range of disciplines.
PAU is located at Koiari Park, at 14-Mile outside Port Moresby, with affiliate campuses
At Fulton (Suva, Fiji) and Sonoma College in East New Britain province.

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  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Way to go PAU! Make us proud!
    Malum, thanks for the publicity, you're doing a great job of it.

    Jackson na Donalyne, isi lo stare lo computer ya ... hahaha. Stay wid youse!