Sunday, March 22, 2009

Christine Anu sings in 'the Haus of Ruth'

During a brief, but moving visit to Haus Ruth during her visit to Papua New Guinea, Australian icon Christine Anu told women and children: "Say it is not ok – I do not appreciate being treated like that, you cannot touch me."
Ms Anu was talking about violence, an issue that affects many communities in PNG.
She said, many times children who witnessed violence in the home ended up being perpetrators of violence themselves but, "it's possible to break the cycle”.
"You can succeed in life. You can say 'this is not what I choose for myself, or my children'. But you must take the stand, and you must believe that you can."
Through its support to the Law & Justice Sector Program's Yumi Lukautim Mosbi, AusAID sponsors three rooms at Haus Ruth for women who experience domestic violence.

Haus Ruth was established in 2003 as a crisis centre for women and children, who can receive counselling during their stay, and get support if they decide to take their cases to court.

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