Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dad kills son over school fees

I read this story in The National this morning with tears in my eyes. It is a sad, but true story of the difficulties many families in Papua New Guinea have with paying school fees, whilst the government continues to turn a blind eye. When will this country ever learn that education and health are the two most-important things if it wants to develop? The young man didn’t deserve to die like this.


By ANDREW ALPHONSE in The National


A DISPUTE between father and son over payment of school fees ended tragically when the father stabbed his son to death at Koli village in Ialibu, Southern Highlands province, on Monday morning.

Ialibu police identified the deceased as 17-year-old James Lapua, a Grade 12 student at the Ialibu Secondary School.

Police said the father had sold a pig for K1, 300 last weekend.

Police believed the pig belonged to the son but was raised by the father.

As the son prepared to go to school that fateful morning, he asked his dad for part of the money for school fees from the sale of the pig.

Police said the father refused and an argument started during which the father went to his room, grabbed a knife and stabbed his son in the chest.

Police said Lapua died instantly.

An autopsy carried out at Ialibu hospital hours later confirmed that the knife had pierced the youngster’s heart, causing his instant death.

The father had fled the scene and is hiding in the bush.

Police criminal investigation division (CID) officers are investigating the incident.

Jacob Iki, chairman of the Ialibu Secondary School board of management, confirmed the incident and condemned the manner in which the young man’s life was taken away.

Mr Iki, who is also Ialibu town mayor, described the killing as “senseless and barbaric”.

Mr Iki said Lapua was an outstanding student with a bright future.

He described Lapua as a well-behaved young man and a regular church-goer who was well liked by everyone in the community.

All classes at Ialibu Secondary were suspended yesterday in respect of young Lapua.


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  1. Anonymous7:14 PM


    This is indeed a sad story. Education is very important for all young PNGans.

    Here in China, we the students are contributing money for a young final year student at DWU to complete his study. He sent an email to all PNG students here that really touched us. We don't know him, never met him but his email moved us. We contributed up to K1,000. and will send to him this week. We believe that his achievement is for PNG because we want to work with like-minded people when we run this country of ours.

    See Malum, I am sure many PNGans are willing to give, but they are holding back their blessings. Parents are suffering to pay their children's fee. The very children will eventually become part of PNG's development. Thus, the government should help in any way possible. If they can't provide free -education, which I discourage sometimes, then they must create employment for people, open up markets, encourage agriculture, fix roads, and let the people make their own money to support in school fees.

    God bless PNG

    Mathew Yakai