Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mount Hagen fuel situation “grim”

Fuel supplies in Mount Hagen are critically low after landslips again cut sections of the Highlands Highway.

 It is the fourth time in recent months that fuel tankers have been unable to resupply the nation's third largest city.

 The latest landslip occurred on the Mindima section of the highway and heavy vehicles are unable to negotiate the damaged area.

 InterOil Products Limited General Manager Peter Diezmann describes the situation as "grim".

 He says stocks of unleaded petrol (ULP) have run dry.

 "At the moment we are holding a mere 200 litres of ULP which is strictly reserved for use by emergency services.

 "Stocks of other fuels have reached the critical situation.

 "We currently have about two days supply of diesel.

 "Stocks of Jet A-1 at Kagamuga are dwindling quickly and will be exhausted by the end of the week", Mr. Diezmann said.

 Kerosene is the only fuel available in any quantity at InterOil's Dobel depot.

 "At the moment we are holding about 128,000 litres or three week supply".

 Mr. Diezmann said he sympathised with InterOil's many customers in the region who continue to live with the prospect of fuel shortages.

 "Fuel is the lifeblood of a city like Mount Hagen and when the fuel runs out many aspects of private, business and government life grind to a halt.

 "But until major repair works are carried out there is nothing we can do.

 Mr. Diezmann said that it was basically a safety issue.

 "To attempt to drive through the effected area would place the tanker drivers, the public and the environment at severe risk.

 "We can only hope the appropriate authorities will soon undertake major repairs on the Highway which is the major link between the Highlands and the coast."


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