Monday, March 16, 2009

Divine Word University/UNESCO Communication and Development Award

Journalists, media and other organisations are invited to submit nominations for the Divine Word University/UNESCO Communication and Development Award.

This award will be presented as part of World Media Freedom Day celebrations on May 1 at Divine Word University, Madang.

The DWU Award was formerly presented annually in recognition of good journalism practices.

 In recent years the emphasis has shifted to the wider area of communication and development and how journalists, media and civil society organisations report issues of development.

 The award is open to individuals and organistions, whether they are, or were at the time of publication, working in the print media, radio, television or some other medium, at the judges’ discretion.

The competition is also open to organisations and individuals involved in information-related activities such as NGOs and community groups.

This year, the judges will be looking for a meticulously written news report, feature, or other writing (special publications, series of articles), or a well-reduced audio/visual program that focuses on development issues and has had a significant impact on a community or the country.

The judges will acknowledge quality reporting and writing, attention to detail, accuracy, variety of sources, originality of coverage, creativity, new information and insights into development issues in PNG.

Individuals and organisations are invited to submit applications for the awards, consisting of either a portfolio of their work on a single topic or a single article by April 25, 2009.

Nominations, addressed to Br Michael McManus, can be faxed to (675) 852 2812, emailed to  or mailed to the Communication Arts Department, P.O. Box 483, Madang.


For further information please contact:

Br Michael McManus

Divine Word University

PO Box 483, Madang, Papua New Guinea, Tel:  (675) 852 3033, Fax:  852 2812

Email:  Website:



  1. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I strongly believe that nominations should not be made by individuals or organisations but the University of a body must independently assess over the period of time works done by journalists or communicators. This provides for an unbiased and independent judgement when the price or recognition is made. When media organisations and individuals are asked to nominate certain journalism work then the chances of biase is high.

    Mathew Yakai

  2. I concur with you Mathew.