Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sepik woes in public eye



Sepik Highway and roads and bridges accounting and leadership plot have been uncovered by Public Accounts Committee.

Slowly Sepik people are probing leadership of Sepik and Papua New Guinea.

A group of senior Sepiks are questioning where trust funds for Sepik Highway, roads and bridges have gone to.

About K30 million were parked in the trust account controlled by public servants of Sepik.

Thaddeus Kambanei was the key trustee.

Very bad record and bookkeeping is at the root of the scam.

Public servants are taking leaders' directions without question.

This explains lack of accountability.

 But the question is why has Somare as Regional Member for East Sepik not taken up this issue with appropriate authorities like Ombudsman Commission and police?


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  1. Meri Buka9:00 PM

    James: Your question can be easily answered by the majority of Sepiks and the rest of Papua New Guinea all these years. The only reason why Prime Minister Somare is incapable of doing the right thing byhis people and the whole country is simple.

    Somare is part of the big problem PNG has and he has to go as he is not a good leader. He is not able to lead the country properly but the rest of the NA clowns are afraid to tell the Emperor that he has no clothes on.

    The opposition is also afraid to tell the Emperor that he is not wearing any clothes and it will soon be the Member for Bulolo to tell Somare his time is up. Frankly he is wasting the people's time as he has become a grave liability for PNG.

    It's time to call it quits Michael before its too late for you and PNG fails as a State soon!