Monday, May 17, 2010

Maxtone-Graham hits back at his Anglimp-South Wahgi critics

Anglimp – South Wahgi MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham has broken his silence over allegations of non-performance leveled at him in Papua New Guinea media recently
He also said he was being made a scapegoat for lack of development in Anglimp-South Wahgi merely because he was often critical of the Government.
He said projects he was working on included Minj-Andakap Road, Minj-Gamar Road, Minj High School upgrading, community health posts, community haus man, emergency road maintenance, funding for Kudjip Hospital, Jiwaka women’s microfinance, small hydro-electricity schemes, community schools and Minj rugby league ground.
He said he was also involved in setting up Internet access, EMTV access, 93FM radio access as well as several agricultural projects such as draught animals and hybrid oranges in the fertile Wahgi Valley.
“Firstly, we must remember that there are many candidates already campaigning in the electorate (for the 2012 elections),” Maxtone-Graham said.
“It’s quite obvious that a lot of criticisms are coming from these candidates, who intend to discredit me.
“They use whatever reasons they have to gain some mileage and to create support for themselves, for whatever reason.”
Maxtone-Graham said he had put together a 10-year plan for his electorate but implementing it was difficult because of lack of Government support.
“We have already highlighted all these priorities for the district,” he said.
“It’s very-comprehensive, one of the best plans that was ever put together, on the understanding that this was what was required by the National Government.”
Maxtone-Graham said funding for police barracks in Minj, hospital, upgrading of the high school to secondary school and other infrastructure projects were put on the backburner simply because of political reasons.
“Unfortunately, funding was never released and these projects never kicked off,” he said.
“I’m a victim of politicisation.
“Getting things delivered makes it all so frustrating.”
Maxtone-Graham said such attitudes made it very difficult for the Government to achieve the United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals (MDG).
“I believe it all boils down to politics,” he said.
“Under the Millenium Development Goals, which we are party to, we are failing to meet our targets that we ourselves put together.
“We are unlikely to meet the targets.
“That is the sad thing.
“We play too much politics in PNG.
“There should be less politics in this country.”
Maxtone-Graham said there were some leading figures in Government who were from Minj; however, this was no help.
“They know the situation we are in,” he said.
“That’s why I’m not getting any funding for roads, schools, police barracks, law and order, and health.
“I’m not National Alliance, I’m not inner circle, I’m a very critical Member of Parliament and I keep getting shot.
“Unfortunately, I’ve become a victim of my own good intentions.”

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