Monday, May 24, 2010

Keeping district and people lost


GOVERNMENT is of the people by the people for the people.
 It is a trite principle in democracies.
In Wosera, East Sepik province,  this principle is remote.
Since 1997 people have faced politically-motivated pain.
Their elected representatives since 1997 had no impact.
Till Wosera leaders see light of truth Wosera and her people will be lost.
To win Wosera people need change.
Change in leadership and governance at Wosera.
Without such change Wosera people will be ever more turned into human workhorses and buffalos carrying among others cocoa bean bags over long distances to bring in foreign exchage for leaders and bureaucrats to squander out of greed.
 So bad it is that the trunk road from Patigo to Nungwaia has deteriorated so bad that now only well equiped and fitted four wheel drive vehicle can make the road.

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