Friday, May 21, 2010

NADP needs to be aligned with higher development policies



The Department of Agriculture and Livestock is reviewing the National Agriculture Development Plan to realign it with the Government’s higher national development objectives.

A three-day workshop was held last week for senior DAL staff and representatives from the agricultural commodity agencies, industries and farmer groups to discuss the agenda.

About 50 participants met to review the NADP objectives and see how it can be aligned to higher government policies and strategies such as the Medium Term Development Strategy (2005-2010), PNG Development Strategic Plan (2010-2030) and the PNG Vision 2050 in the “promotion of smart, fair and happy society”.

The workshop objectives included the review of the values, vision and mission of NADP, formulation of its goal and purpose, and determination of the thematic areas and objectives.

The workshop was told that the policies and strategies had similar goals to the NADP whose main objective is to improve the people’s quality of life.

However, it is important that all government policies and strategies are aligned together and implemented jointly by all government departments and agencies and its partners for more impact, effectiveness and greater success.

DAL Secretary Anton Benjamin said the NADP was a good plan which was about mobilising and growing the agriculture sector.

 However, in its current state, the NADP had lesser linkages to the Government’s higher development policies and strategies and this needed to be addressed.

Benjamin welcomed the input by all stakeholders and thanked the Agriculture Research and Development Support Facility (ARDSF) team for successfully facilitating the workshop proceedings.

He urged the stakeholders to continue working in partnership with NDAL to make the NADP an even better plan for sustainable agriculture growth.


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