Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Congratulations to Ano Pala ?



It is with amusement I read the congratulations note to the Rigo MP in today’s paper by “Rigo Man” of Port Moresby.

Perhaps the Honorable member will make a great Attorney General, time will tell.

My concern, however, is his achievements as Member for Rigo Open.

Whilst the Honorable Member is in Port Moresby, the people of Rigo are suffering.

Basic services are yet to be delivered, schools are deteriorating, roads are falling apart and health centers have either no staff or no drugs or both.

One just has to take a drive to Kwikila, the electorate station and have a look at the filthy streets, overgrown grass and bushes and only an hour from Port Moresby.

Kwikila is a disgrace; this once-beautiful town was the pride of Rigo, not anymore.

Where is the Members office in Kwikila?

Mr Pala, have you driven to Hula or Kalo lately?

The road from Gabone all the way to Hula is falling apart, full of massive potholes and washouts and it’s been like that for almost three years now.

You haven’t even sent a grader down the road just to do some basic maintenance in two years.

The road now has nearly one-metre deep gorges cut through it from water erosion.

It is dangerous and requires great care and skill.

What about the power lines that were supposed to come to Hula?

They have stopped just outside of Kemabolo and again that was two years ago.

Mr Pala, where are you?

It seems as if everything in Rigo simply stopped happening two years ago.

That’s when you won your seat, wasn’t it?

Congratulations for becoming the newly-appointed AG, but please Mr Pala, don’t forget about us, the people of your electorate.



Babaka Village, Rigo Coast

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