Monday, May 17, 2010

Stop whingeing and start organising


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.' English philosopher Edmund Burke.
At each signpost along the road, the PNG people have had an opportunity to divert the wagon of state away from eventual destruction. The current political situation, where a cartel of self seeking and corrupt leaders have usurped the power of government for their own purposes, has not happened overnight. It has been a gradual 'white anting' process that has taken over
three decades. The food resources in the national garden has been 'mumuted' away in front of the people's eyes. But because this has been a gradual, 'underground' process, no one has clearly understood what has been happening.
Many of those younger PNG people in positions of responsibility today never experienced what pre Independent Papua New Guinea was like. While no human society is free from corruption and criminal activity, the contrast between PNG in the early 1970's and today is poles apart in many ways. Perhaps this could be why many now appear to have become blasé and complacent about the gradual implosion of their society and nation.
So is the impending implosion inevitable? What could be done to reverse the current downhill slide? History is full of examples when people have determined enough is enough and decide to mobilise. PNG's infrastructure is unfortunately in a very poor state when compared to many other countries. However, while communications and transport systems are limited, if enough people decided to become motivated and organised, almost nothing is impossible.
Maybe one of the biggest stumbling blocks appears to be a 'what about me ?' sentiment rather than thinking about others? Is this due to traditional culture or is it just a self preservation instinct?
One thing is for sure. Until enough people start thinking about their nation and their children's future, nothing is going to change. Just 'whinging'about what everyone knows is the problem ain't gonna change it.

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