Monday, October 12, 2009

Papua New Guinea political satire

Check out the political cartoons posted on website:
You can scroll through the contemporary years and click on them to enlarge the image.

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  1. Post on Malum Blog

    Having browsed through several PNG web & blog sites & while I enjoy all of them, I rate Malum Nalu's website (or blog site?) as one top interesting place to visit.

    It stands out from the others with its variety of human-interest stories. I read a few daily & come back to read some more a few days later, or even once a week.

    Malum's blog will only improve over time as many readers post their comments. From reader’s feedback, no doubt the webmaster will refine it more by frequently having fresh reader-friendly items posted.

    It’s a great place to find out more about the many different aspects of our beautiful country, PNG. I have told friends overseas to check Malum’s site out if they want to learn more about my beautiful country.

    Keep up the good work Malum.

    Reginald Renagi
    Port Moresby