Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some more pictures of Goroka from the 1970s

Housing project at Goroka, what used to be known as Council Camp, now Banana Block. Pictures by former Goroka resident BRIAN WILSON at
Goroka rooftop water heater - looks solar powered? Remember this was in Goroka in 1972 so it was more about practicality than environmentalism. Also notice the house is on stilts
Goroka Steamships- nick named "Steamies". It was both a grocery store and a department store, imported everything. The fellows in the foreground are students from the Teachers College
Goroka Saturday afternoon West Goroka - the crowd as many out of town people come in from the surrounding villages to trade at market
"Goroka rugby scrum" - a rugby league game in Goroka in 1972

Goroka aussie rules football halftime, at what is now Independence Park, with the famous Goroka Sports Club in the background
Goroka village next to market - a really huge number of people came from the surrounding 30 miles from Goroka to participate in the Saturday market
Goroka market pig counter - pork for sale in the Saturday market in Goroka, 1972. Pork was a very special item and was to bought and sold only by senior tribesmen. It was used to pay debts and establish obligations on someone
Goroka International School, 1972
Goroka Teachers College basketball game - this was a national tournament between colleges in PNG


  1. Seeing the election poster for SOSO.
    Reminded me of the tame kokomo he owned which would go from house to house collecting morsels of food.
    i am sure over a period of a year he would have visited every house!
    He flew into the control tower once, answered the telephone which was ringing and then flew away with my screwdriver.

  2. Hi Davo,
    Goroka was then a paradise compared to the rundown and delerict town it is today. I hope that by posting these pictures, some of our young people will work towards bringing back Goroka's glory. So what year were you in Goroka? And working for whom?

  3. Hi M,

    Interesting to see that even back in those days the oval at Independence Park was slanted - just as it is now!


  4. Hi R,

    I guess that's why Goroka is so slanted! Anyway, on a more-serious note, I'll be running these pictures on Tuesday's paper to tell the now-generation of what a beautiful town Goroka used to be.


  5. Thank you malm I went to school with Allison Nalu at goroka High so all pictures here are fond memories.
    Thank you