Monday, October 12, 2009

Downtown Port Moresby on Monday October 12, 2009

The traffic bottleneck as you try to make your exit towards Harbour City

Nambawan Super development as seen from Crowne Plaza

The view as you drive down from Crowne Plaza, the 14-storey Deloitte Tower, Port Moresby's current tallest building, to your left

Steamships' new property development in downtown Port Moresby

Traffic and people everywhere

The colourful new-look Bank South Pacific

Looking down towards the port

Rising from the ashes...the Burns Philp tower after its recent burning


  1. Maybe moving the Town bus stop to Ela Beach would provide more parking space and help reduce some congestion in downtown Port Moresby

  2. I agree, Justin. Harbour City, one fully developed, should ease some of the congestion and redirecting the town bus stop to Ela Beach would help even more.