Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Australian report raps Papua New Guinea universities: What?

The Aussie has done injustice again to try and under-mine the Papua New Guinea university education system again. 

Through the top-up system they tried systematically to kill the brains of this nation by saying PNG is not able to do it. 

With the outcome based education (OBE) and education reform system all paid for by the Aussie tax monies, they try to produce illiterate grade elementary to secondary drop outs.  

 Through the successive government funding, they try to dry up the cream of the intellects of this nation. 

 This is all a systematic ploy by the colonial masters to continue to suppress PNG education system. 

What was wrong with the old Standard 1-6, forms 1-4 and National High School System? 

 They have produced the leaders of today? 

No wonder they are trying to say, our economists, accountants, engineers, lawyers and you name it, cannot negotiate and be marketable in the world. 

PNG can be reckoned with.

John Howard’s government shamed our Prime Minister couple of years ago. 

They tried to pipe the gas to Queensland and re-sell it from there.  

No wonder they are trying to say our economists, accountants, engineers, lawyers and you name it cannot negotiate and be marketable in the world. 

 PNG can be reckoned with. 

 Papua New Guineans can also ask for better deal comparable to counterpart expats like the OK Tedi miners are doing.

Look what has happened with PNG LNG.

They can lick their wounds, as PNG looks north and to North America with LNG.

Product of the old school.

Bapa Bomoteng

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  1. Dear Bapa Bomoteng
    Beautiful strong words.
    Not all Australians like what the Australian government is doing.

    School students in some Australian government schools are asked to comment on the inequity and social justice problems of Australia's aid to PNG. A lot of the Aid rationale is justified by saying without aid, epidemics like small pox, cholera and HIV/AIDS would never be addressed. But of course, we all know who is responsible for the epidemics.

    We have our own flawed education system to work with, and our own Aboriginal people are angry about the way they're educated too.

    Thank you for your good posting.