Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare's visit to Rotorua, New Zealand

Above are photos from Day 2 of PM Somare's visit to New Zealand.  Details for the attached photos are as follows:

  • Wreathlaying: PM Somare lays a wreath at the Muruika Urupa (the Maori Battalion cemetery) at Ohinemutu, Rotorua. Sir Michael is wearing a korowai (ceremonial cloak) provided by the Rotorua District Council for the civic welcome and the wreathlaying as a mark of respect for Sir Michael's status.
  • No 067: Sir Michael is greeted with a traditional hongi by Rotorua Mayor Kevin Winters.
  • No 056: Rotorua Mayor Kevin winters presents Sir Michael with a taiaha (traditional Maori weapon) as a symbol of respect and peace
  • No. 048: Sir Michael, delegation members and advisors with the taiaha presented to the Prime Minister by Rotorua Mayor Kevin Winters
  • No 019: Sir Michael shares a joke with Rotorua Deputy Mayor Trevor Maxwell at this morning's Rotorua mayoral reception
  • No 027: Sir Michael responds to Rotorua Mayor Kevin Winters' welcome speech this morning and thanks Rotorua for the warm reception he received.
  • No 002: Sir Michael receives a traditional challenge from a Maori warrior as part of the Prime Minister's official welcome to Rotorua at the Rotorua District Council Civic Centre 


  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    What are great way to waste PNG's public money by Mr Somare. With his private jet he is taking any opportunity to visit as many countries before the next election when it may just be that he won't remain as the Prime Minister.
    What does it matter that the fuel cost are high, the rural communities in PNG do not have the basics resource for education, health and transport. Mr Somare can jet away the worries of the country by travelling around the world for his personal gain that is seeing as many countries as he possible can before stepping down from politics.
    What a complete waste....

  2. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Utter those words "The Land of the Long White Cloud" to a 120+ kilo Maori, and he’s like to put on a Haka show for you.

    “Kometi, kometi
    Tai-ora, tai-ora
    Hoki mai e tama ma
    Hine e hine
    Land of the Wrong White Crowd”

    That’s if you'll live to tell.

  3. Mr. Somare, don't waste the people's money by misusing a state asset bought by the PNG people's money, and is not money from your family. It is not your private jet but belongs to the people so stop wasting time traveling overseas. Try for once stay home and fix the many problems you are ignoring while taking a lot of unnecessary overseas jaunts.

    There are many crisis at home that you need to fix now while on your watch because nobody is game enough to address. If you fail to do this then soon someone will surprise you one morning by sitting in your chair, and doing your job in a more competent way than you have been all these years.

    The falcon jet is a complete waste of money. It not for your private use so I'm telling you and all 'pollies' that you don't impress us one bit. Just trade that useless piece of toy and pay out our ex-servicemen now and improve their pension while you are still in office and alive. More so, better do something now for all workers are suffering while you are enjoying this life. The next life will be no fun for you so it's better now than never.