Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For you



Stars in the dark night sky

That we sat out under plotted.

Your eyes sparked

Gentle brush of your hand

Made me quiver

Our shoulders rubbed.

Warmth of your company

So overwhelming,

How I wished the

Night wouldn’t end.


I’m sitting beside you,

Listening to you talk

This is the closest

We have ever been.

We’re so at ease

This one meeting, was beyond us


I stole a glance

Your eyes shot right through me

You are so firm,

And yet so elegantly dark

And mysterious by nature.

I struck a chord,

What we feel is mutual.


That kiss you planted

As we talked

Melted my guard

And left me breathless

Without a doubt, you were

The stronger, collected one,

Always distant, somewhat lurking

That charisma of you

As if underlying

Always drew me to you.


I looked again at the stars

In the dark night sky

To how they had plotted now;

When you pulled me to you

As if to tell me

My Dark Knight

Was really, always here

So close, and yet

So longingly far.

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