Monday, June 21, 2010

Court rejects miner's bid

THE National Court last Friday threw out Simberi Gold Ltd’s (SGL) application to repossess its shipload of heavy machinery impounded by Papua New Guinea Customs, The National reports.

SGL made the urgent application before Justice Mark Sevua in Waigani, seeking leave for review against the impounding of its ship by customs (of the Internal Revenue Commission).

The ship is laden with heavy mining equipment and machinery that included trucks and mine supplies.

Sevua told the parties to first exhaust all avenues for consultation.

The court heard that the ship, berthed at Rabaul’s Simpson Harbour wharf, was now under the possession of customs because the heavy machinery and equipment were not legally declared.

Sevua told the parties they had yet to exhaust all avenues for consultation before referring the matter to court.

He then directed SGL to do so by sorting out the required and lawful declarations and payment of the excise duties for the undeclared goods on board the impounded vessel.

“SGM can sort this out with the IRC commissioner-general Betty Palaso first,” he added.

Sevua dismissed SGL’s urgent application and proceedings against the customs.

SGL is located in New Ireland’s Tabar group of islands.



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