Monday, June 28, 2010

Governor General is also a greedy person



I was of the view that you needed to do a small amendment to the PNG constitution to enable a Governor General to run for a second term.

The wording of Somare motion that the house resolves to have Matane  continue in the position I thought is actually seeking parliament’s endorsement of Matane’s nominations  one of the candidates for the post.

Only after parliament agreed to that motion by Somare which was seconded by Temu that the house should move to the second part of the voting process which is the exhaustive secret ballot.

Australia is only about 50km from its top end to our Western end, and less than 48 hours earlier they showed us clearly and without any reservations that public opinion on their leaders, government policies and the principals of democracy is an important consideration for those in power.

They made the changes in the party room and took it to parliament to make the announcement for the good of all Australians.

They did it for the good of the country and brought home that age old message that government is the people and by the people.

Isn’t there any body within the party room of the ruling coalition that has any consideration at all for this country or are they all in the game together?

For too long we have sadly allowed the principals of democracy to be compromised by a political group of individuals who have absolutely no intention to part with the privileges they enjoy and GG’s reelection indicates that even Matane wants to hold onto his little kingdom within the comforts of the palace on the Konedobu hills.

We in the media should open the forum to discuss democracy and good governance.

We need to address what constitutes a dictatorial government and authoritarian rule and open up debate on whether those elements have been deliberately allowed and legally manipulated to undermine the constitution and all things constitutional in PNG. .

If the tone of Ano Plala’s statement saying there should be no more debate on the environment policy amendments is in fact removing our rights to freedom of expression, how far do we have to look?

The way all this is unfolding, I wonder if we will have a general election in 2012.

If the value of the Kina does not change between now and after 2012, we are what the world is really saying about us.




    Politics is about fixing conflict. Our grand chief was put in a position where he was one of the persons the people are looking to for this conflict that has developed with their government. People had focused their intervention in a peaceful resolution of the current conflict by asking the Vice Regal to 'intervene for the common good' to dissolve Parliament. It was a request presented within that overarching principal of government by the people. Kevin Rudd did not run foul of peoples opinion, it was the inner sanctum, the party caucus, that decided that, it was much earlier in our days before independence that Gough Whitlam and the GG (Geoff Carr?), a political standard was set there and then. PNG is at a cross-roads and Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane was given that insight to 'act for the people' yet he opted for 'convenience (if he has taken up the second term appointment already) and not consequences politics.
    Newman makes that point clear. Section 87 ss 5 is the clause to that empowers Parliament to endorse its appointment for the incumbent for the second term. The vote follows the normal set process in section 88 appointment to office.
    The only light that has shone for that brief moment in that Parliamentary confusion is Don Polye. Polye, the Highlands NA Vice, is one of a few people waiting to be Prime Minister. Has Paulias Matane's denial and w3ashing-of hands, propelled Polye to be the one who 'intervenes for the people? Polye is only one of a few legislatures who understood clearly this particular law on election of GG. As such, he would knows very well the trend peoples conflict is pushing this ruling party to use unparliamentary and un-Christian methods to hold onto9 power and suppress any voice and wisdom that rises from the masses. Polye will have the backing of three-quarters of PNG if he makes his move in the NA caucus now to force Somare out and take the leadership in a bloodless coup. Otherwise and to keep shrugging off the light from the people will mean final outcome in the confrontation will be much deadlier than now.

  2. Comments from respected journalist Susuve Laumaea:


    Your concerns are noted. Yes, as an individual and recipient of your post, I agree with most of what you write hereunder. As conscious people in journalism and the media in particular, we are a group of people who are perhaps, better positioned to look at national issues, public affairs issues, legislative issues, economic issues, social issues and political issues more analytically and can make positive impact on the nation via the access we have to newspapers, radio, television and the internet blogosphere. I endorse the view that our voices, views and analysis can make a great deal of positive and gainful difference for PNG. It requires all of us to be cohesive, to be thinking and pulling in the same desired direction and strategically taking that first single step in a long journey to creating the culture of positive awareness that can reshape the mindset, attitude and way people of all levels in PNG do things in this country, the way we all live, the priorities or lack thereof that we are stuck with. It’s a long journey – with the absence, unfortunately and without malice and aspersions of an aggressive and organised parliamentary opposition – we can all join forces and we can make a start to redirecting the cause of this nation in the lead up to 2012 national elections by advocating an objective-driven, agenda of good governance, strengthening parliamentary democracy, taking democratic ownership of the future destiny of PNG, redirect national development priorities towards quality human resources development via quality provision of education and health services with improved vital support services in transport and communication infrastructures, give greater focus to sustainable resource development, agriculture, etc …… The destiny of this nation should not be left to tired old politicians who have outlived their usefulness or to young Turks who are driven by greed and the need to make fast buck by hook or by crook to the great detriment of the people of this country. Yes, this nation needs a decisive and assertive return to the National Goals and Directive Principles enshrined in the Preamble of the National Constitution. That’s my little two toea say.

    Sus Laumaea.