Monday, June 21, 2010

Snakebite victim flown to Madang

The snakebite victim being rushed into Modilon Hospital from the helicopter.-Picture courtesy of SIR PETER BARTER


A pregnant mother of four from Igos, near Mikarew in the Bogia district of Madang was medevaced to Modilon Hospital on Sunday after she was bitten by a suspected death adder.

She was in very serious condition.

Civil Aviation Authority manager Tony Duba contacted Sir Peter Barter and organised Dr John Maihua to fly with Sir Peter in the Melanesian Foundation helicopter to Igos and bring the patient back to Madang.

She is reported to be recovering but according to Dr Maihua has lost her baby.

The Melanesian Foundation is a non-profit organisation that depends on Sir Peter and his company, Melanesian Tourist Services, to largely fund a number of projects including the operating costs of the helicopter where no charge is made but hopefully, costs of fuel will be paid to recover the high costs of maintaining a helicopter.

“The Melanesian Foundation has also funded the replacement of the Gaubin Hospital roof on Karkar Island,” Sir Peter said.

“The consignment of roofing is expected to arrive in Madang from Lae this week when it will be trans-shipped to Karkar so work can begin on replacement of the existing roof which was installed more than 50 years ago.

“The cost of the replacement roofing is estimated to be around K150, 000.”


  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Real charity does not require an announcement of the price tag or sending a press release and photo to the media

  2. No, but it gives light to the work being done to help...and all the positive media attention it brings to the plight of the medical services in this country, the better.