Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Let God take control', says Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner


'Let God take control', says PNG Police Commissioner when as Chairman, headdressed the National Anti Corruption Alliance (NACA) yesterday.
Public servants should not be overcome by temptation and uphold godly principles Commissioner Baki is reported as maintaining.
While agreeing withCommissioner Baki that he is on the right track, I suspect it might have been some time since he read his Bible."Let me remind you of the biblical phase that goes; "Money is the root of all evil", the Commissioner said.
With respect however Commissioner, you have either been misquoted or I suspect you have misquoted the good book.
The actual expression is from Timothy 1: Ch.6 Vs. 10 : 'For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.:...'
Money by itself is just a medium of exchange. It's people who create the problems and break the law.

Post Courier article
Tuesday 22nd June, 2010

State agencies form anti-corruption body


THE fight against corruption by State agencies has now been elevated to another level with the resurrection of a body set up to curb this predicament.
The National Anti Corruption Alliance (NACA) set up by the Government to investigate corruption in all Government Departments in 2004 has been revived with their first board meeting yesterday.
The NACA board comprises, chief executive officers of key government departments which include police, public prosecutors office, public solicitors office, PNG Law and Justice Sector, Chief Ombudsman, Dept of Treasury, Dept of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs, Dept of Personnel Management, IRC, Auditor General, and Department of Justice and Attorney General.
PNG customs commissioner, Gary Juffa will also be included in the Board. The primary role of NACA is to collaborate, mobilise resources and fight corruption in a holistic government approach.
Chairman and police commissioner Gari Baki in his opening remarks said said PNG cannot advance socially and economically unless drastic action is taken to reduce corruption and crime. He said it is important for members of NACA and other Papua New Guineans employed in positions of trust and authority to uphold godly principals in their professional careers.
He said public servants must overcome temptation by allowing God to take control of their lives.
"Let me remind you of the biblical phrase that goes 'money is the root of all evil'. The temptation to receive money is often greater than a person's conscience.
"As individuals we can make a huge difference by saying no to corruption and
bribery," Commissioner Baki said.
Since the establishment of this body it has investigated two provincial governments and successfully prosecuted them and has saved the state over K2 million during its investigations in to the Southern Highlands province in 2007.
With the resurrection of the Board other major allegations involving corruption will be scrutinised by the body in which investigations will be carried out with prosecution.

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