Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yet another mercy dash in Madang

Late yesterday (Saturday) another medevac was undertaken by the Melanesian Foundation helicopter piloted by Sir Peter Barter in Madang (pictures below)
Gideon Ningende, a young man aged about 30,  was cut badly on the neck with a bush knife  following an argument at Watung Village near Saidor. 
He was rushed to  Saidor Health Centre, stabilised then taken by helicopter to Modilon Hospital.

His condition was serious but provincial health Adviser, Markus Kachau met Sir Peter and rushed the patient to the emergency ward.
"We need to expose these medevacs which occur numerous times a week  in order to get some funds to purchase avgas for the helicopter," Sir Peter said.
 "All  these medivacs are done free of charge."


  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Instead of purchasing that new, controversial jet for the government; the money could have been used to purchase a helicopter to do these runs...

  2. Sandman8:57 AM

    'All these medevecs are done free of charge' Sir P is quick to point out. Why is it every single act of 'charity' comes with a photo op and publicity campaign for this unrepentent narcissist? Is he still using his staff tips to fill the coffers of the Melanesian Foundation? How much applause does this multimillionaire ever need? I'd rather an item on the unassuming and real generosity of the villagers who may have carried the victim to the airfield than a story about how one of the wealthiest men in PNG need the toa from the government to maintain his philanthropic profile