Thursday, January 14, 2010

Antelope-2 test records more gas condensate

INTEROIL reported Tuesday (January 12, 2010, 03:28pm GMT) that a second drill stem test at its Antelope-2 well at Upper Purari River in Papua New Guinea’s Papuan Gulf confirmed a 15% increase in condensate (liquid gas) production compared with the first drill stem test.

The well flowed at a stabilised rate of about 11 million cubic feet of gas per day, while the condensate to gas ratio averaged 20.7 barrels per million cubic feet of natural gas.

The test is being carried out over an open hole section from 2,222 metres and 2,325 metres.

 “We anticipate that the higher condensate ratio tested in DST-2 of the Antelope structure will improve the previously estimated economics of the stripping plant proposed to be constructed in Gulf Province,” InterOil’s chief executive, Phil Mulacek, said in a statement Tuesday.

InterOil said it would carry out another drill stem test in the lower section of the current open hole before it resumed drilling into targeted heavier condensate and potential oil zone

 Following testing and logging of the lower vertical section of the well bore; the company said it plans to drill a horizontal lateral to explore a potential oil zone.




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