Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Academic year commences at University of Goroka for 2010

A total of up to 800 new students from pre-service, in-service, post-graduate and overseas were officially welcomed to the University of Goroka today by the Vice Chancellor and other staff of the university.

 As part of the orientation programme, held before other universities in the country, students were warmly welcomed to the campus with the launching of a week-long programme of registration, course selection and other activities. 

The program commenced with a minute’s silence in honour of recently-departed staff member the late Rex Matang, followed by an opening prayer in which the year of study was dedicated to the Almighty Lord. 

 The National Anthem, National pledge and the UOG pledge were also part of the programme opening.

 After formally introducing staff to the new students Vice Chancellor Dr Gairo Onagi stated in his welcome speech that the university stood on a balance of spiritual and academic life. 

 Students were told that this should be their guide to life at UOG, and that support and the necessary skills to survive would be provided to them by the relevant staff. 

Dr Onagi also highlighted the fact that UOG is no longer just a teacher’s college, but offers other courses for study. 

Students were also reminded of their obligations whilst attending UOG as they are part of the university community. 

Dr Onagi also called on students to respect one another and to take responsibility for their actions, as they were representing their families, tribes, clans and provinces whilst at the university. 

Students were also reminded of the university’s zero tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol on campus. 

The purpose of the HIV/AIDS policy of UOG was also introduced to the students. 

Dr Onagi completed his message by telling the students that he looked forward to a “happy and prosperous year where we can work together”. 

 Staff of the university were then introduced to the students by their respective faculties and departments, along with explanations of their various roles on campus. 

A short speech was then given by the SRC vice-president to welcome all students and staff to UOG for the 2010 academic year.

 The program concluded with some comic entertainment which asked the students to focus on their studies and relayed the following message in the local Gahuku language: Motaka Okane – out of so many you are here! Tru Ave!

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