Monday, January 18, 2010

Madang Resort opens access for boats

Over the past three months, Andrew Malagan has been operating the Madang Resort back hoe/loader dredging a channel for small banana boats to operate in and out of the beautiful inner lake providing access to scores of banana boats to reach the colourful Madang markets (pictured).

 The project is apart of the Madang Resort's community projects which has seen the redevelopment of the Graged fish market and seawall to protect erosion from the rising seal level.  

The finished project will provide up to 20 barbeque areas under the shelter of traditional houses, with water and lighting with places for clients to enjoy the local fish cooked by Graged women, who have also contributed K5, 000 towards the fish market.

 Managing director of Madang Resort, Sir Peter Barter, said the project would take a further six months to complete and so far has cost the company more than K400, 000. 

“In return, the project will provide a means for the Krangket women to be economically independent, provide inexpensive local sea food for visitors cooked under hygienic conditions, a place where visitors can enjoy the beautiful location of Yamilon Lagoon, and the island and coastal people will now have boat access to the markets with the newly-dredged channel. 

“As apart of the agreement, a total ban on the sale of buai is in force in the project area.

“As a further service, the dredged karanas will be used to maintain the roads in the area around the township.

“This karanas has been particularly suitable for filling pot holes in the past.”

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