Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jailbreak accused appear in court

John Weka...warder

Kimoi Kingsley...civilian

Allan Maru...warder

Ambiang Kera...warder

By GEEJAY MILLI in The National

THREE Correctional Services (CS) warders and a civilian, all of whom were allegedly involved in the escape of 12 hardcore criminals from Bomana prison’s maximum security unit last Tuesday, appeared before the Waigani Committal Court yesterday.

The warders are Ambiang Kera, 47, of Morobe province; John Weka, 35, of Malalaua in Gulf province; and Allan Maru, 31, of Rigo, Central province. The civilian is Kimoi Kingsley, 40, of Unggai-Bena in Eastern Highlands province.

Kingsley is said to be one of the drivers of the getaway vehicles used to spring the 12 prisoners, including alleged bank robbery mastermind William Kapris, from the maximum security unit cells at Bomana prison on Jan 12. The four appeared before magistrate Fred Tomo.

All four were charged with aiding and abetting the escape of the 12 dangerous prisoners from lawful custody, thereby contravening section 138(a) of the Criminal Code Act.

While the four were entitled to apply for bail, magistrate Tomo said that because of the serious nature of the case, the defendants would have to arrange for a lawyer to lodge a formal bail application at the National Court.

They were therefore denied bail, and ordered to be held in custody at the Bomana prison until their next appearance.

The matter was adjourned until Feb 24.

1 comment:

  1. Reginald Renagi3:29 PM

    Once again, a very bad start to a serious investigation still underway.

    These men are still only suspects at this stage The should not be in custody with other prisoners at Bomana. Their story will now take many turns and twists to make it more confusing and difficult for the authorities. The opportunity for mutual coroboration is presented to them by the very authorities now accused of being slack in the first place.

    I wonder when PNG will ever learn from its many past mistakes.