Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Note to Hillary: Papua New Guinea's government has failed its people


With Hillary Clinton about to visit my country, does she know that the cries of Papua New Guineans go unheard?

Past trends show that PNG’s current political regime will not drastically change its poor governance.

It is now up to the next new leadership and government.

PNG desperately needs a new progressive government after the 2012 elections, one that will totally transform the country.

Since independence, government policies have not regularly being reviewed, updated and broadened.

The next PNG government must have a sound development strategy with two overriding goals: greater participation by the people, and sustainable development.

PNG needs a revolution in political affairs. It must change its political landscape. Every citizen and government must work together for a better country.

A fresh leader with a new political message to inspire PNG is also required.

Today PNG faces very serious national challenges; its performance in the past 20 years has been dismal.

The country is disunited.

There is high unemployment, serious crime, social and political instability, serious health and environmental challenges, a decrepit health care system and rapid urbanisation.

Papua New Guineans are simply fed up with their government’s performance.

Its central agencies are inefficient.

Their output has failed to meet people’s expectations.

The people want to see a progressive and transformational government.

A government with a sound plan and clear strategies targeting critical areas, to totally transform PNG into a prosperous, progressive and united country.

PNG needs a responsive and responsible government with the right plan and a new leadership approach to bring about major change.

The people of PNG desperately wants a caring government with sound policy strategies to target key areas that will grow the economy, create jobs and give full government support to small businesses.

Do we have political parties out there listening to the cries of Papua New Guineans?

Do we have any MP and other aspiring politician prepared to take up this future challenge and field a good prime minister for PNG?

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  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I think we have good leaders, educated citizens and the good general population contributing to PNG's development. We also have good government policies and strategies for development.

    We however lack power to own and feel responsible for our actions and to take the initiative to make things work.

    We lack strategic thinking, to think as a nation (not as tribes & clans) and the power and energy to implement the good policies we have.

    We also need to manage our resources including finances effectively. This means we need to follow our Parliamentary Acts, manuals we already have such as the finance manuals so that these can assist us to follow proper processes in generating income and expending.

    Rather than keeping policies, strategies, acts and manuals to collect dust on shelves, we need to use them to manage and govern. Our leaders need to read and understand how to manage and govern.

    The greater responsibility lies with the public service to implement. Government must not interfere with the public service unnecessarily but encourage it to function the way it is supposed to be.