Monday, January 18, 2010

K10,000 bounty for wanted criminal

POLICE have offered a K10,000 reward for the recapture of fugitive bank robber William Nanua Kapris  (pictured) who escaped from the Bomana maximum security facility with 11 others lastTuesday, The National reports.
Acting Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga announced the bounty last Friday saying the reward would be paid to anyone providing information leading to the recapture of Kapris.
At the same time, Bank South Pacific is offering “cash incentive” in full page newspaper advertisements for any information that may prevent a bank robbery, fraud or kidnapping of senior bank executives. 

 Also on Friday, acting Internal Security Minister Sam Abal appealed to the 12 hardcore prisoners, including Kapris, to surrender.

Last week’s heightened tension following the breakout also resulted in Port Moresby police shooting and killing two well-known criminals at Gerehu.

 On the K10,000 reward, Mr Kulunga said: “The decision to post the reward was made in the interest of public safety.

“It is quite obvious Kapris’ escape has caused much fear and anxiety to the public, especially business houses.

“Kapris also poses a threat to state witnesses as well as police personnel if he remains free.”

Mr Kulunga thanked the Government for providing the K10,000 reward money as well as other funds (totalling K3 million) for the security operations aimed at recapturing Kapris and other highly dangerous fugitives.

Mr Kulunga urged the public with information to contact NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Fred Yakasa  at 3244 282 or 73302030, or Superintendent (Operations) Andy Bawa at 3244 228 or 76858631.

Mr Kulunga assured that all information would be treated as confidential.

“For security reasons as well as for identification for payment purposes, informants may be required to provide a code or secret name when giving information," he said.

“This code or secret name will only be known by the informant and any one of the two officers the informant is in contact with.

“I am appealing to everyone to work with police to recapture Kapris and make our society safe and secure again.” 



  1. Reginald Renagi4:47 PM

    This is the first time the Government through the police have offered a bounty payment on an alleged criminal (William Kapis is only a suspected bank robber at this stage). There is no official government policy yet on having a bounty on criminals in this country. May be they just changed the rules only last week when the authorities were over-reacting to the news of the prison escapees.

    This needs to be clarified by the media outlets in the public interest as this has many implications in future.

  2. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Why are you sympathetic to these crims, Reg, just like you don't like hanging!What if they killed one of your rellys or raped your wife?
    Bring in Dirty Harry to PNG!Otherwise Cobra! As they say, 'Crime Is A Disease, Cobra Is The Cure'

    The Terminator

  3. Vagina Likar12:24 PM

    Agree with Reg, there is no government policy on putting a bounty on any one yet. This must be clarified as the criminals have a network and they will not take this lying down. They will also fight back and start targeting the senior police officers like Tom Kulunga, Minister Abal.

    We need to also put a bounty on corrupt politicians but Prime Minister Somare is a coward and he does not have the guts to do that.

    Mr. stupid Annonymous you seem like a silly grade 6 kid who watches a lot of these silly make-believe hollywood movies to make such nonsensical unPNG comments here.

  4. Paul Bakoi12:38 PM

    I do not agree with this mad Annoymous fella who talks like a little kid with no good idea for the police and government. The police must act professional and well trained to reduce crime in PNG.

    PNG does not need policemen acting like Dirty Harry or the Cobra as the country will be turn into a police state where more criminals will turn on the cops and many people will get caught out in it. It will make the law and order situation get worse and not fix the problem but make it worse.

    PNG is a Christian country and we do not need such silly suggestions from phony names like Annoymous to put forward negative ideas. This country has no place for Dirty Harrys or Cobras.

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Gentlemen, time for talking is over. Time for action like Dirty Harry and Cobra.

    Give me a gun and I will solve all of Papua New Guinea's problems starting with William Kapris Nanua.

    The Terminator

  6. Waybak Waria4:41 PM

    Annoymous, you wouldn't know the end of a gun barrel if you saw one. You can terminate William Kapris because that sepik snake will bite your silly head off.

    Somare will not allow you to kill one of his sepik kinsman in cold blood. Can't you see they are all covering off for criminals from their own area because they all have they hands in the till?

  7. Buca Kunua4:52 PM

    Forget about killing them. These guys must be given medals for beating the PNG prison system. They are laughing at Prime Minister Somare, CIS Minister Tony Aimo and CIS Boss Richard Sikani.

    The people must demand for the sacking now!

  8. The Professional Gunman4:35 PM

    Fortunately the PNG police do not have brainless Annoymous people calling themselves Trminators who think they can solve the country's problems at the barrel of a gun. We do not need rogue policemen but smart intelligent cops who will use their brains to solve crime in PNG.

  9. Jason Taylor1:58 PM

    Annoymous, there you go again with something supid by engaing your mouth before your brain. You solution with a gun will not work. It will not bring your dead relatives back or undone the rape if some criminals raped your wife. Terminating by killing them will make other criminals want to pay you back by killing you, or your relatives; or even raping your wife.