Monday, January 25, 2010

ANZ top brass cruise on Kalibobo Spirit

Senior international executives of ANZ bank spent some time aboard luxury Melanesian Tourist Services vessel mv Kalibobo Spirit in Madang last Friday.

They included Alex Thursby, who is ANZ’s chief executive officer - Asia Pacific, Europe and America.

He is also responsible for leading the group strategy and marketing agenda

Mr Thursby along with Mishael Rowland, CEO Pacific, accompanied by ANZ Asia Pacific executive delegation, flew into Madang in their private jet for a stopover during which time they met a number of Madang people including Governor, Sir Arnold Amet aboard the Kalibobo Spirit and at a dinner that followed at the Madang Resort.

Picture shows Mr Thursby talking to Sir Arnold aboard the Kalibobo Spirit.-Picture courtesy of SIR PETER BARTER

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